Monday, May 30, 2022

Hike: Wapato Access Greenway, Sauvie Island, Portland, OR

Footpath map

Getting There

Take Hwy 30 to Sauvie Island. Take NW Sauvie Island Road past Reeder Road. The Trailhead/parking lot is 2.3 miles from Cracker Barrel Grocery Store on the left (south side). Be sure to pick up a day pass.

The Hike

Length: 2.53 mi
Elevation gain: 54 ft

This is the third time on this trail; this time I brought my mom. It was Memorial Day weekend and the weather was pretty good after many days of rain.

The northeast side of the loop is in good condition but the straightaway along the Multnomah Channel was pretty muddy. Seems like it's always muddy, reading the trail reports and from experience.

No matter, I had my sandals and just gave up trying to keep clean. My mom was wearing black trainers and got muddy on the sides. When we got to the fishing dock, I washed mine off in the river.

It was good to get outside for a change. The arthritis has been bad so I'm not able to do longer hikes with much elevation. :(

I hope the meds start to work and suppress the inflammation soon!


Sunday, May 1, 2022

Hike: Lewis & Clark Discovery Greenway Trail, Steigerwald Lake National Wildlife Refuge, Washougal, WA

AllTrails map

Getting There

Take Hwy 14 E from Vancouver, WA (Downtown) for about 20 miles. The newly opened parking lot is located 1.5mi from the 32nd St roundabout, on the right (south). There's room about 15 cars and one bus. (There's a pit toilet as well.)

The Hike

Length: 6.60 mi
Elevation gain: 118 ft
Moving time: 1:59:13
Avg. pace: 18:04
Calories: 1,050
Total time: 2:08:46 

The area is called Steigerwald Lake National Wildlife Refuge and has two main trails. The newest section is titled Gibbons Creek Wildlife Art Trail which takes you from the trailhead & parking lot to the Columbia River. On Google Maps, the trail, which originates at Steamboat Landing Park, is titled Captain William Clark Park Trail. However, on AllTrails, it's called the Lewis & Clark Discovery Greenway Trail.

The place opened today, May 1st. There are fresh tractor markings everywhere, freshly planted trees, and newly sawn trees carefully placed in the creek bed. It's going to take some time for nature to thrive.

I remember how barren the Sandy River Delta looked back in the early 2000s after a lot of work had been done to reclaim the area for the public. The bird blind could be seen several hundred feet away. Now, the place is lush with life and you don't see the bird blind until you're almost on the ramp.

The Trailhead

Some of my favorite shots

Mt Hood and Crown Point, OR
Late afternoon clouds over the Columbia River
Late afternoon clouds over the Wildlife Refuge
Redtail Lake, Steigerwald Lake National Wildlife Refuge


The Lewis & Clark Discovery Greenway Trail dead-ends at the property line of M bar J Ranch.

On the way back I took a different route through a section of Gibbons Creek Wildlife Art Trail that will be closed seasonally from Oct 1 - April 30 for Wintering Waterfowl. 


There are several art pieces along the way.

I even saw a group (family) of 4 deer.

There's a bridge of the western tip of Redtail Lake. The railing has several oversized bug in bronze.


Redtail Lake, Steigerwald Lake National Wildlife Refuge

Redtail Lake