Sunday, October 25, 2020

Hike: Wildwood Trail ↔︎ Newton Road ↔︎ BPA Road Loop

Length: 5.46 miles
Elevation Gain: 1,109 feet
Type: Loop
Duration: 2.5 hours  

Getting There

The trailhead is off Skyline Road, north of Germantown Road. There's a short but narrow gravel road down to the trailhead parking lot with room for about 10 cars. I first found out about this place years ago when I did trail maintenance with the Forest Park Conservancy.

The Hike 

From the parking lot there is a spur trail to the Wildwood Trail. Head north and make a right at the junction onto Newton Road, then downhill for quite awhile (1.3 miles) to Hwy 30 and the BPA Road intersection.

Newton Road ↔︎ BPA Road intersection

Intersection of BPA Road and Newton Road

Hwy 30/Linnton

It's a steep grade up under the transmission lines, about a 800 ft gain in ~1 mile (15% grade) but the pay off is views of NW Portland, Kelley Point Park, and the Willamette.

View of NW Portland from 1/2 way up BPA Road

At the top, go left to stay on BPA Road (right goes to Fire Lane 13). It's 0.6 miles to the Wildwood Trail junction. It's 2.9 miles back to the parking lot. I opted to stay on the Wildwood until the Linnton Trail (spur trail).

Intersection of BPA Road and Wildwood Trail

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