Wednesday, November 17, 2021

Hike: Forest Park (Firelane 12, 15, Wildwood, Newton Road, BPA) X, Portland, OR

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Getting There

Take NW Skyline Blvd north from NW Germantown Road. The Skyline Blvd Trailhead is 1.6 mi and a parking are available on right (east) side of the road.

I parked, geared up and set out.

The Hike

Length: 8.69 miles
Elevation Gain: 2,014 feet
Type: Loop (except section to trailhead)

This is the 10th time I've done this general route and 4th time I've added a leg to Newton Rd Trailhead which adds about 1.6 miles but not much elevation change. 

I also added a few extra legs for extra elevation gain and distance. (I was <2200' to reach my 100K' goal). I hiked up to the high spot near the BPA Road Trailhead and another on Newton Road. (Net gain: +283' & +1.2mi).

It's still pretty muddy in spots but peaceful to hear the water flowing in the creeks. Just a smattering but always great to hear the little birds flitting about.

I even saw a small garter snake.

Ben's Bench on Wildwood Trail

View from the high point on the BPA Road.

Late afternoon in the Forest Park