Sunday, April 23, 2023

Hike: Wyeth / Gorton Creek, Cascade Locks, OR

Getting There

The trailhead & parking lot is off Hwy 30. My original plan was to hike Herman Creek but while getting ready, my nose started bleeding, not bad but makes me wary about the rest of the day.

Then, after the car next to me left, I noticed all kinds of glass on the ground. Argh. I know car break-ins is the new norm for outings, I just can't absorb the potential cost right now. Plus, I feel like it would exacerbate my mental state as I'm at an inflection point in my career.

My backup plan was to have lunch at Cascade Locks but thought I'd poke up the road a bit. I saw the Wyeth Parking lot and pulled in.

The actual trail is behind the campground, which is still closed for the season.

The Hike

Length: 2.58 mi
Elev. gain: 338 ft
Moving time: 53:49
Avg pace: 20:54
Calories: 542
Total time: 57:25

When I reached the trailhead inside the campground, I immediately remembered coming here before, and why it wasn't awesome. Emerald Falls is nice but not much of a hike. 

The Wyeth Trail was fenced off last time due to mudslide related to the Eagle Creek fire.

I saw a family heading up the trail and headed up in the same direction. Around the bend, they took a small trail back to the campground but I realized I was on power line access roads. Meh.

The trail dips into the trees but I was stopped short at Harphan Creek. The spring thaw has made this pretty fast flowing and wider than it probably usually is. I couldn't find a dry crossing. It wasn't super deep but I didn't want to try going barefoot.

I hiked back down the access road but found the creek was cutting through the road as well. Kind of a bust. In hindsight, it seems overly cautious to bail a hike due to a small creek crossing.

It just wasn't feeling it. I hike back to the Gorton Creek and up the Emerald Falls. I know the Gorge Trail was just lateral trail with limited views and lots of noise from I-84.

The risk of a car break-in was on my mind as well so I ended the hike and went back to the parking lot.

Some days just aren't meant to be. That's okay. At least I got out of the house for a bit and hiked 2.5 miles.