Sunday, May 14, 2023

Hike: North End of Forest Park 24, Portland, OR


Getting There

Take NW Skyline Blvd north from NW Germantown Road. The Skyline Blvd Trailhead is 1.6 mi and a parking are available on right (east) side of the road.

The Hike

AllTrails map
Length: 6.90 mi
Elev. gain: 1,407 ft
Moving time: 2:21:22
Avg pace: 20:29
Calories: 1,423
Total time: 2:28:46

I haven't been to my favorite conditioning hike in city limits since Feb which was when my plantar fasciitis started to rear its ugly head.

The PNW is in the middle of some crazy hot weather but I knew most of the hike is in the shade. I was trying out some new electrolyte powder (LMNT) that I saw on Kyle Hates Hiking.

Well... things were pretty rough. I wasn't feeling particularly strong on my hike down to Hwy 30 via the Wildwood Trail. The first sign things weren't right was when I decided to skip my side quests up to the BPA Road and Newton Road Trailheads. 

I reached the bottom of 1mi/900ft climb up BPA Road and checked my watch. All the way to this point I was drinking my LMNT and snacking but on the ascent I kept getting chills.

"Usually, this is a product of dehydration, especially if you are training in a hotter and humid climate like you might be. First off, chills occur when you are running in high temperatures and humid weather."1

I guess I wasn't as hydrated as I thought. It took my 35 mins to get the top vs the usual time of 25 mins.

I was wiped out but glad to be on the return segment. I considered heading on my usual route down Firelane 12 but opted to keep going to Wildwood. The chills continued even though the elevation gain was minor. I decided to hike up to the BPA road trailhead and walk the road back to the car.

Sad face. Something was definitely off. I've hiked in warm weather but this was different. I drink almost the entire 32 oz of the LMNT and had another 32 oz bottle of water which is mostly full.

Guess I need to start drinking more water daily. I had recent blood work and my creatine was in good shape. IDK.