Saturday, June 26, 2021

Hike: Angel's Rest, Corbett, OR

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Getting There

I knew the temperatures this weekend in the Pacific Northwest were going to be crazy hot... like record setting. I was not to be deterred. I considered doing my Newton/BPA route again or wander around Sauvie Island.

I still needed to get some 32W shorts. I took a chance that REI in Hillsboro would have what I needed. I'd checked out Dick's looking for the poles that came with all the feet. None of them had any; spikes and/or or baskets. They must be totally sold out.

I still did not find poles but I really don't need them, just the feet. They had the 'boots'! They cost as much as I paid for the poles but oh well. They had some shorts as well.

Back in Portland, opted at the last minute to skip Newton Rd and started out Hwy 30. I passed up Sauvie as well. I did a u-turn and started out toward Troutdale.

I got the the Bridal Veil Falls exit and got a view of the parking lot, I was kind of shocked that it was nearly empty. Whoa. On a Saturday? It wasn't that hot. I think 103.

I geared up and set out. I had plenty of water!

The Hike

Length: 4.5 miles
Elevation Gain: 1,476 feet
Type: Up and Back

This is my 2nd recent hike (Spring '21) but I'm sure I'd hiked it years ago.

I passed by two couples early on the trail. They didn't look like they were in for the long haul. 16oz of water for both of them.

A couple of people came down the trail early on as well.

It certainly was hot but it wasn't as bad as I anticipated. The shade really helped a lot. I really noticed the temperature difference when I had to hike in direct sunlight.

The last 3rd of the hike is pretty much out in the open. There were some large trees or bushes to get a little shade.

I found a little bit of shade between two big rocks. I had my foam pad so it was cushy on the tushy.

They was so restorative. I cooled down enough to explore the rest of the outlook.

It was bizarre to be completely alone. Last weekend, there were so many cars, even the overflow lot.

View from my little spot out of the sun

It was pretty hot out.

A look at Archer Mountain, Phlox Point, & Hamilton Mountain

Looking west up the Columbia River


I'd like to come back and hike up to Devil's Rest.
Or, park on Larch Mtn Road and hike down to here.