Thursday, June 24, 2021

Hike: Forest Park (Newton Road, BPA, Wildwood), Portland, OR


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Getting There

The Newton Road parking lot/Trailhead is off Skyline Road, about 1/8th mile from Germantown Road. It's a small single lane dirt road. There are a couple of places to allow another car to pass but it'd be a tight squeeze. Some potholes have formed but the Jeep and extra clearance make this a non-issue.

The Hike

Length: 5.2 miles
Elevation Gain: 1,181 feet
Type: Loop

This is my 4th hike of the Newton Road-BPA-Wildwood loop and third time going counter-clockwise: Start at the trailhead, go north on Wildwood onto Newton Road. It leads down to Hwy 30 and the BPA Road.

Then, up the access road (BPA Road) under the power lines.

Then back south alone BPA, paralleling Skyline Road. You pass through the Gap.

Then rejoin Wildwood Trail to Newton Road.

Then back to the parking lot/trailhead on Newton Road or Wildwood.