Friday, March 11, 2022

Hike: Wapato Access Greenway, Sauvie Island, Portland, OR


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Getting There

Take Hwy 30 to Sauvie Island. Take NW Sauvie Island Road past Reeder Road. The Trailhead/parking lot is 2.3 miles from Cracker Barrel Grocery Store on the left (south side). Be sure to pick up a day pass.

The Hike

Length: 2.37 mi
Elevation gain: 52 ft
Moving time: 56:01
Avg. pace: 23:39
Calories: 494
Total time: 1:01:19


I debated whether or not to add this "hike" to my list. I guess it qualifies even though it's short and almost no elevation gain. I hiked here last year but didn't record it for my stats.

My arthritis is starting to bother me more and more since having to stop taking the meds. Specifically, my right knee has not stopped hurting since my hike in Forest Park on Feb 17th. I just wanted to keep pushing my body and enjoy some sunshine.

I remember thinking on my Hamilton hike a couple of days before "I'll keep hiking as long as I can with gimpy hand and crumbled body." I know I'm going to have to budget extra time and make preparations for longer hikes and "complications" such as troublesome knee that slows me down a lot.

Ironically, I feel like my knee is strong but the inflammation is causing pain. All the conditioning I've done is paying off in some respect.

The Trail

View from the bird blind

Last time I was here at Wapato, the trail was really muddy. In fact, I hiked in my black Dunlop rubber boots. This time, there was still mud but it was mostly dry and/or easy to get around without stepping in the goo.

There were a lot of garter snakes out there, esp closer to the water. I was out in my sandals but I knew they're mostly harmless. I made sure to stay in the middle of the trail and stomp my feet so they know I'm coming.

Red-spotted Garter Snake (Thamnophis sirtalis concinnus)

There were several folks out there but I didn't see enough to correspond to the cars at the trailhead. Some people were fishing and a guy in a group of four older folks said "Are you waiting for a bus?" because I giving them space & waiting for them to go by.

Because of the snakes and my footwear, I didn't attempt to get views of Multnomah Channel. (I saw a bird of prey last time. Possibly an eagle.) Not this time.

The "inside" part of the loop goes through the Oak Savanna.

Oak Savanna

Oak Savanna

Wapato Access Greenway

Heading Home

A lump grew in my throat when I saw Mt St Helens. I really want to climb it again but the fact that I'm starting a new job and my increase of arthritis symptoms makes it seems unlikely this year.

I renews my anxiety of existential dread. The world is so fucked right now. People in Ukraine are dying every day. Inflation (corporate greed) is threatening the simple ability to survive. Maybe I should have sold my house and try to get in as much traveling as I can while my body still can. When I'm bedridden, it will be a small but significant comfort to recall my hikes and roadtrips. Fuck!