Saturday, December 3, 2022

Hike: Sandy River Delta Loop, Troutdale, OR


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Getting There

The parking lot is accessible from Hwy 84 just east of Troutdale. It was rare clear, albeit cold and windy, day. The lot was nearly at capacity, save the pull-through spots for RVs. There were cars in these spots so I figured 'strength in numbers'. 

After my last hike at Dog Mtn and the car break-in, I'm a bit wary of opening this can-o-worms, esp. given my employment situation and past experience with a busted window and theft. 

I was originally going to hike at Hamilton/Beacon Rock but decided to bail on that idea when I got to the parking lot. I'd gotten a late start and only had a couple hours of day light. Plus it was really windy and in the 30s.

Normally, I would have minimal stuff in the car but since I wasn't taking my pack and other stuff, I was doing exactly what you shouldn't do, leave valuables in the car. Despite the constant flow of cars looking for an open spot, I still wasn't totally comfortable leaving my car.

The Hike

Length: 5.67 mi
Elevation gain: 108 ft
Moving time: 1:40:31
Total time: 1:44:28
Avg. pace: 17:43
Calories: 1,010

I've got less than a month to reach my 2022 hiking goals: 52 hikes, 365 miles, 84,000 ft of elevation, a tall order given the winter weather and occasional poor air quality. I wanted to at least get some fresh air and book a few miles/steps. My health has been slipping with the constant anxiety I've been experiencing this last month and change.

It was a good decision. Even though there were lots of people and dogs, I got some solitude. I took a direct route to the Maya Lin Bird Blind.

From there, I went down below to the mud flats since it was low tide. I took a few photos, then headed south on the Meadow Trail back towards the parking lot.

I hopped back on the Confluence Trail and walked back to the power lines to the water access point on the East Channel. That's where the Ranch Dike trail in the trees starts.

I followed that to the Thousand Acres Road. I walked out to the Sandy River and continued along the shoreline.

I cut back through the bushes on a spur trail and passed a homeless camp. Yikes. The trail suddenly got a bit overgrown with blackberry vines. I kept thinking, please don't be any people to rob me or take my car keys, phone or wallet, or worse, kill me. Honestly, I don't even know if was an active camp, could have been abandoned or residents were out getting supplies. 

I was happy to get back to the main trail and see other people. I continued my loop on Meadow Road to the Meadow Trail, then back to the car.

Yea! No vandalism! 

Such a shame that worrying about a car break-in while hiking is just normal these days. Fucking scumbags!